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What an absolute scam. the game isn't free. And this is a dowload for alauncheer. Fuck off devs, i do not need more bloatware on my PC. .exe is all that is needed. 

Just going to post this as a warning for other people. If you like Maria in the main game I highly recommend you don't play this as it completely ruins Maria's character.

They did the only character with small breasts in this game dirty with this one.

just curious how is a luancher a game it just takes you to nothing there is no game its like they game up on actual game downloads an trying to force ppl to pay to play after playing the demo i would not pay to play when the demo doesnt actually do much 


That was a... choice. Judging from some developer comments this was to expand on characters but it's on things barely acknowledged in the main game. If you want to flesh out these characters, do it through Wanderer. Now has Maria changed and how? Will we see this or are we to assume it happened in-between the events of the game? 

I hope these events are very explicitly mentioned in Wanderer. And unlike others I don't want to avoid Maria, in fact I'd like the option to dunk on her at every opportunity. 


Why would you ruin the main game with this. It makes no sense. Just replace Maria with a new character 


This one is utterly disappointing, definetly not worth the price for the amount of content gets. Its short af, 3 non animated scenes and an unavoidable NTR (which ruined Maria's character for me). While Wanderer is an amazing game which developement im looking forward to, Chronicles of Isabella should be a freebie


Eeeh, are there only NTR endings?? Isabella is clearly described as a slut in the main VN, so there's nothing wrong with her, but Maria? I admit I'm a bit disgusted with the character. Knowing that the MC is going to go after some 80 year old ugly bastard, it doesn't make me want to care about this character anymore. I didn't come for forced NTR, that's a shame.

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Would also like an answer to this one.

Avoidable NTR can enhance the main plotline of a game, and simply by making wise decisions enhance the feeling of accomplishment even more than what we see in a good ending.

Unavoidable NTR means we're pigeon-holed into making bad decisions and end up with a terrible ending.

EDIT: Instead of mindlessly downvoting, try adding to the conversation by voicing disagreement or refuting what I said. I'm interested in this series and want to know if this is worth playing or not.


Not to mention the poor quality of the VN itself, even if it had been available for free, it's not good work. I hope they will rework it, add routes or make it non-canon.


Ouch that's even worse. It sounds like new routes would solve both of our problems with it, hopefully we get some resolution from the studio.

They seem active on this review section which is a good sign.


Making it not cannon I think is the only way out of this one, or a lot of rewriting and working. As it stands this game is just a big stinker that makes the main one worse

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meatwagon22 is spamming a link to a game that's using your image an Isabella is the name too in other creators comments, i reported. i dont know if as a creator you can squash it faster or not but its probably a fishing link or something an might look bad on you, people are stupid these days.

Lucky paradox page is where I found it.


Its a malware, i have seen it in some coments

I have also seen similar spam by:

They are using this game's banner pic in a game they call "Princess Isabella" which also looks suspicious.

Yes, probably is some stolen acc

are you going to make the game free someday would love to play it too 


Disappointed.  I decided to get this before buying Wanderer but I don't know if it will be worth it after wasting money on this.  This should've been free for the 10 minutes it took to play through it. Really just a bunch of dialog text and stop motion I don't even consider as an H-scene.  The artwork is good though.  


I am very sorry that we disappointed you. Chronicles, as stated in the description, is a short visual novel that reveals the relationship of two characters from the main game. Don't worry, there are animated porn scenes in the base game, and more varied gameplay with different activities.


Will the game ever be free?

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I liked Maria and she was my favorite character from Wanderer. After playing this prequel, not anymore. I thought she was like a cute introvert, a virgin. Not that she was cocked by an old man before the main series and even impregnated by him. I do hope there will be an option in future updates of Wanderer about Maria - having nothing to do with her. I am disgusted by her. Not to mention this game should have a warning about NTR. Bcs that's all what this prequel is about since Isabella is MC here.

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Absolutely agree about the tags. Alas, they do not exist at all, not in that project, not in Wanderer. I mean, not just commn tags like hentay. No NTR, no old_young, no anything like that. Although they are very necessary.

Didn't Isabella tell about Maria in the main game that she came to balls under potions there and tried to seduce someone there? I think there was such a moment.


She did, but there's a difference between being slutty (and competitive), and straight-up NTR.


Please enlighten me, are wanderer and chronicles different games? and you can only have the full game if you paid 5 dollars?

Its different game, yeap 


Why no download avilable?


will this ever have a linux port?


soon, I guess. Maybe at the middle of the January?


good. I can't wait!


We did it =3


okay, so where can I actually pay for the game and get the files?


Press the download button and select the cost indicated in the builds.


I just made two payments equaling $6...


it says not available for download

omg where do i find the laundry parts? i'm kinda stuck

laundry parts? 0-0


2 questions. 1. how many endings are there and 2. is the scene in the cover available.

there are 2 endings.

3 Porn Scenes

the cover scene is not available.

to be clear, you are not going to see Isabella with less clothes than underwear.


Maria is a main nude star here :)


she is^^

i just hoped to catch a glimpse of isabella, but to no avail


there´s no download available even tho i purchased the game... any got a tip what i should do?


Usually it says thanks for the purchase and then lists the downloads. From what I know that page you gotta bookmark or else you can't get to them.


Will the game be available on mac?

yes, but not today or tomorrow, I guess. Maybe in January 2023. Early January 2023) 

Its available now =3


It says no available download when I click download how can I play?


This is a paid game, so there is nothing in the free


Ah I see thanks


I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I seem only be able to reach the same ending regardless of what choices I make. Is there a walkthrough for this game somewhere? I am kinda lost on what to do to get any other ending. 

Maybe you finish too early..?


The game uses a points system that it remembers and which affects which scenes you see. try to go first with the furious and touchy Isabella. and then a supportive and caring friend. sex in the bedroom closes the scene with the butler, by the way.


The game has multiple endings, be sure


the games has dual endings and 3 scenes.


Ending 1:

1. Age Differences

2. Smart

3. On my Side

4. Smile

5. Confess

Endings grants BJ Scene

Ending 2:

1. Age Difference

2 Smart

3. On my Side

4. Smile

5. Kiss

Ending grants Sex Scene

this special Path grants Lesbian Scene

This way you will be able to see all Porn scenes, but you might miss some possible Plot.

every other Choice besides these will lead to Ending 2.

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can i play this before playing your other game? (will i understand the story/ will i spoil anything)


Yes, that would be even better. You will definitely not catch any spoilers (this is a prequel), and you will understand everything. It seems to me that the authors will also be interested in whether your opinion about the heroines will change after you play Chronicles first, and then Wanderer.

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Great story, lovely chars, wild scenes. It was a pleasure




And I congratulate you , dear .


OMG I've been waiting for this for so long


I adore art in this game! <3


yeah, really nice 


one of the saddest and most beautiful porn games I've ever seen. great story, great sex scenes. Thanks