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Greetings Wanderer!

Welcome to new world of Andir! WANDERER: Broken Bed is a 2D adventure game with dating sim and RPG elements that will take you to a world of  adventures.

  • Become a part of the Academy of Magic and earn reputation with students and teachers.
  • Meet lots of girls, improve your relations and get laid! Look animated scenes.
  • Explore the Academy and it’s surroundings, complete quests, solve puzzles and discover lecherous secrets!
  • Search the dungeons of the Academy to find treasures of the past and mysterious artifacts. But be on your guard - hordes of monsters and deadly bosses guard your precious loot!
  • Level up your character by attending lessons, gaining skills, building your deck of battle cards and crafting magic potions that can help you on your journey. Upgrade your combat, magic or social skills - everything determined by your style of play.

Main hero is just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life and wasting it on playing games and watching anime. His life starts to change the moment he finds himself in another world, full of magic and wizardry. Now he, as the chosen one by fate, is in a hurry to conquer the new world and  girls in Academy of magic!

The Academy was founded at the beginning of the century by great magicians. Here our hero, Dedicated as the pet, begins his great journey. The Academy accepts only children of the magical aristocracy. The Academy of Magic Arts keeps secrets and stories that will make your blood run cold. You are going to an exciting journey in an extraordinary world!

Your adventure is just beginning and it's up to you how it will go! In his arduous adventures, Main Character will visit completely different, but beautiful and unexplored places in the world of Andir. Go make broken beds!

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Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(453 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Dating Sim, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Romance, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Patreon, Twitter, YouTube, instagram


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I can't download the 0.7A Android (beta)

it should work, try another browser or vpn 

Where do i access the gallery, I havent been playing since 0.6 and it all looks so different now from then

in versions 0.10 and after there are no gallery yet 

damn, thats too bad. And there's no way to get back to certain saves?

is this part of the game or bug? [Playing on MOBILE]

This might be a dumb question but where am I supposed to change my character name? I just started the game and the default name is Player. Do I have to progress the game to rename him or did I do something wrong?


In versions 0.9  and earlier you can change the name at the beginning of the game, but in 0.10 and after there's name adding no function yet

Hello, I am on Android and have been attempting the book puzzle for the "Dungeons and blades" quest. I left the bookshelf area, and now there is not a place for me to go back to it. What is it that I can do to get back to it. Cruella doesn't have the dialogue option anymore.

Unfortunately, u will have to start over

Bro how do you solve the book puzzle,some said 456123,when i arranged in that order nothing happen,how did you solve it

hello, I downloaded the lust launcher but as you know its a malware, I try to remove it but I haven't been able to, what should I do?

you can delete the lust launcher trough deleting application as any other programm, if you want to delete wanderer, you can delete files here: C:\Users%YOUR_USERNAME%\LustLauncher\

Alright, thanks.


Instead of answering my post that the game does not download, they took it down. FUCK YOU TOPHOUSE!!!!! Your Launcher is shit and you won't fixer any of the download options. I'm pissed at myself for giving you money

it was deleted because there was a download link that shouldn't be in the public domain. Please repeat the question without breaking any rules.

problems with downloading can be solved by using VPN or another browser, do these methods not work?


because it is really another game, meaning that it is a remaster that is being made from scratch, it has limited functionality so far, because it is still in development

I have a problem for the mission ''first steps to comfort'' while i can clean the cobwebs or the dirt on the floor i cant fix the nightstand. If i click on it only a key symbol appears which i cant click 

do you have a hammer? it can be found in the ??? room (left to dining room) or in the baths

thanks i found it

hello I'm coming back to you I'm starting to have the same problem again when I start a conversation at the end of the discussion it's bug and I can no longer do anything it happens to me when I want to talk to cruella to give her back her skirt and when I want to start the quest (isabella crafty prank) and (dilemma from a strange rivalry) thank you in advance for your help

I think your saves are broken, so I recommend deleting them and restarting the game, they are on this path C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\TopHouse\Wanderer\Saves

A trick to fixing it is simply by clicking the esc button, saving, then click load, then it'll put you where you're supposed to be, I accidentally found this fix when a similar situation right after the Excalibur scenes happened then it put me back in the room where I was supposed to end up, also sorry if this isn't useful after being so late.


Am sorry, but launcher = malware. Is there a link to just download the game?

Yes, there are links without the LAUNCHER label

any windows non launcher link tho?

the ones with the fee 

Is there a party system or do you any of the relationships you build lead to them as companions in your fights as simple support?

no any party system at least yet 

Thanks for the reply.

Damn I think it would be dope to have them in a party, you don't have to affix them with any card actions just that on there turn they can give you a buff, maybe heal or debuff the enemy.

hello I just started the game on version 0.10 and I have a little problem I am on the quest (forbidden potion) at one point I have to speak to Berelman for the ingredients but at the end of the discussion on the last sentence of the hero I'm stuck, I'm clicking everywhere, nothing to do, thank you for your help

That's a major bug. This dialogue can be completed if you roll back and complete the Dirty Laundry quest before taking Cruella's skirt in the hero's room

Ah OK thank you


I find it interesting that if you bought the game on this pages you will have to buy it again on there new page to get updated plast v0.9. Realy shady

Deleted 26 days ago

Hello, I have a problem, when I open the game the screen goes black with the background music playing, and idk what to do

Are there going to be future updates for dl on this page?


The idea is interesting, but the implementation is lame!

So raw, despite the version. You go through one quest, come across two more, and now you are already blocked in actions and have no idea what’s next (due to the interface being blocked and saves being crooked!)

and the quests themselves are not very well thought out.


any pregnant content?


no pregnant content


Question: How to uninstall game?

I got the launcher and got the game through there but then I can't uninstall. I checked my files, the launcher for a uninstall button, and I even opened my control pannel to try to find where this 2.8gb file was. Everything is at default setting from the install page for the launcher.


u can delete files here: C:\Users%YOUR_USERNAME%\LustLauncher\

where's the gallery in v10?

there's no gallery in v0.10

i can't download the game . any help ? different link maybe ? like mega up ?

try different browser or vpn

i decided to take the game here (i finaly decided it, instead of waiting to get it on steam like i did for AURA too, it was more convenient for me), but i got the error 422 with Paypal, i searched a bit but from what i found, unless i didn't understand a thing, i can't do a thing about it, so i'm asking what can i do, or if i should wait that the problem is solved, if it is a problem coming from the price by Paypal, i'm in euro (€) if thatr information can help, but i used to paid thing in USD by Paypal too, and i never got any issue

sorry to bother with something not directly related to the game, and it is a proble that could not only concern me too


it is currently impossible to make a payment with tophouse games on itch, you can purchase the game on their patreon

okay, thanks for the repl

how many Isabella R scenes is there? 

four scenes 

Deleted 90 days ago

that's a spoiler :( 

Sry, my fault. I didn't think it through

Can you stick with only 1 character for Romance or is this a harem only dating sim?

there is no usual dating in the game, getting an h-scene is determined only by completing quests, so you can choose the girls and how many to date yourself

is there a way to replace futa/trans content?


before the "Unconventional medicine" quest a choice should appear, and if you start the game with the WIP function, then there will be a choice at the beginning of the game

(1 edit)

Hello... Can you help me in installing? I'd bought a new android phone, and now I can't install this game... I've tried emulators, virtual machines - nothing... A few months ago I'd played this one and I liked it a lot.

I have Android 14 with 12/512 Gb memory.  Can't believe that it is not enough, because my old phone was 6/128 Gb and it worked well.

hi! I assume that the problem is in the 14th version of android, with which wanderer builds is incompatible with (возможно проблема в 14 версии андроида, с ним несовместимы билды вандерера)

Hi question is there any harpies, Naga in the game? Cause I just can't find a gamE with them in it any suggestions?

hello! not in the current versions

Hello! How to find Lisa in "Deep Agriculture" quest? Doesn't exist crack in the wall in arena anytime hour of day

try talking to a student at the fountain, then go to the arena

Yes, I've already done that. But the option doesn't appear. How do I fix this bug?

which version are you playing? 

Version of Steam

ah then it's a bug. that quest shouldn't be in the demo 

It does have anal scenes? I didn't see any tag

Yes, there are several anal scenes

just a launcher which does not work

can you describe a problem? maybe I can help, there's also sometimes tech works on launcher 

(1 edit)

when I press the Play button a Java error occurs everytime, everywhere... Mac version btw

The free Linux build (0.7) just stays on the loading screen (black screen with a spinning raccoon at the bottom right). Just to see if it would eventually load, I left it alone for 15 minutes but no. Had to force it to quit. I know you're rebuilding the game from the ground up for windows/pc and may not be focusing on the other platforms as much while doing that. Is there any plan to eventually fix this issue? Thanks for any response.

(1 edit)

have you tried skipping it pressing spacebar key?

Yeah, that was a really confusing start. I only somehow accidentally got past it eventually.

Overall I found the entire build to be buggy as all heck, especially menus constantly becoming unopenable, and the pacing of events was impossible to keep up with. It was all but unplayable. Comments have reported 0.8 to also be pretty bad, too, so. I'm just going to forget about playing it again for a while.


Someone help me, please. I stopped having quests in the game after I completed the first room in the dungeon. I went around the academy several times and talked to absolutely everyone, but nothing new appeared. What to do?

You may have completed all the quests
you can go to the discord of the game and ask there 


does this launcher even work with windows 10? lmao


How do you turn futa off on mobile

Usually the selection of genitals takes place before the h-scene in the "Unconventional medicine" quest, other quests may go before to the one that has a choice, it's going to be fixed in the future
and also at the start of the game if u're using the WIP option you can choose genitals 


So we can't buy through itch io anymore?


Yes, unfortunately, itch has removed the payment option from tophouse projects


So i already bought the game and everything from here, and i was wondering if it comes with a walk through and cheats. Or do I have to spend even more money for a tier on patreon just to get those?

yes, the walkthrough and cheats are only available to patreon subs

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