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Can you fix game cuz it always crash

this game i enjoy the story but it is severely lacking in main story progression and H-scenes and before anyone says *But Oh a good game requires good pacing* blah blah yes i know but this game has been out for so long now and so far their is literally only like 2 H-scenes that involve the mc the one at the start and the threesum u have with that girl in one of the rooms,their is like one or 2 more scenes but its just girl action scenes.Lets not forget the countless bugs on all platforms with the quests being broken,im currently on the rainbow quest where u find the dude who has rainbow blood i choose to bring him to cath she thanks me our relationship boosts the quest ends except it doesnt,the puddle is still their and i cant go in my room to sleep because it triggers the same scene over and over again,reloading back the save doesnt help.This game had such a good potential to be great,im dropping this until the dev puts their heads on properly and do something about their broken game.

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I've finished the quest  where you have to deliver the letter to two students, the one about finding the one who's been sending letters, and the dirty laundry quest but i cant activate the second class, is there a specific time or? Edit:im on 3.0


When will we get android updates


I would pay for android updates. i like the game plz bring it back to android.


Updates on android


i dunno how to progress i cant start any quests ive been stuck for like 20 mins

Im stuck at the "The prophecy" objective. Can anyone help?


if pregnancy would be added?


bug where the librarian on the ladder is overlapping every thing in the library

yeah that's still going on 9 days later it's for apple/macOS

Where can i find the question journal

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Tried the Android Version and the first scene is broken. I then tried the 3.0 version on PC and that seems to be the only scene in this version other then a still image. All there is to do is a few errand quests and a few interactions with the main roster of characters that don't seem to really do much in this version. I also ran into a glitch that resulted in a softlock where I couldn't progress a conversation and had to close out of the game as a result. If this was meant to be a demo, it didn't really convince me to put money down for the newer version.

Too many bugs

hope it can be improved

So i get the moon prism thing and go to charge it on the weekends.  Nothing happens just standing in the yard but when i open my inventory and click on it it says its the fly on the previous page of the inventory.  Do i have to click on it to charge it?  What am i missing?


I don't know why but when i saw the game while scrolling and basically put my mouse on it it showed that it's only for Linux and Mac so I ignored it since I only have Windows and Android. but when I decided to check it low and behold there is Win and Android versions


Still waiting for android updates




same brothers.

the part when you help catrin after defending maria is bugged it seems. i just get blank screens and nothing happens

it´s the 0.4.3 version for pc

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Im had the same bug, help during the day and not night, seemed to work for me, nighttime made screen go blank

thanks I will try that


Played v3.0.
So far is not worth a download, there is the slightest start of a story, a bunch of errand quest and nothing else. Could be a good game, could be bad. So ffar is looking good in visuals and characters, will have to wait for updates to call it a game or visual novel tho.

The 0.4.3 PC version after download can not extract. always have error message showing unsupported archive format.

you have to convert the rar file to a zip or something else

Do you have winrar or winzip installed? Because I can open rar files no problem.


Needs an android version





yo this game still unplayable on android?

Im having trouble getting owl feather for the Forbidden Potion quest, can someone help pls

you can get it in the directors office


Quick question... How many erotic scenes are there in the free version?

And maybe a little tip for the ones that there are?




I just spent 2 hours completing the free version.

There is 1 bj scene at the beginning, but the rest

Isn't worth it. You should definitely wait for newer versions.

Hi, I am having issues running the game on my MacOS Monterey, I am using the mac version but it just says that the application can't be opened. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

You need to

launch Terminal, then type or copy/paste

chmod +x [including a space after the x]

then drag the app you need to change the perms straight onto the Terminal window, which will fill in the correct path

hit Backspace once, as the last task will add an unnecessary space

Then you need to add the sub-path to the actual executable inside the app, so copy this & paste it onto the end of your current Terminal line:


Hit Enter

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Hi i tried doing this and i got

zsh: permission denied: /Users/HIdden/Desktop/hidden/media/untitled folder/

idk man, I did this and it worked for me… maybe try to grab the app and put it in the application 

so during the forbidden potion quest i have all the ingredients but when trying yo give them to vanessa she just vanishes, any help?

Mainly been playing games like these on my phone, so kinda sad seeing the apk is a few versions behind. I would have paid for it as well. Hopefully that gets updated soon.


if you have bought it for $10, do you have to buy it again now that a new V is coming?

Yes, please remember this!

(This is almost always the case)

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can someone help me please every time i download it takers me to the app store not the zip what's going on  

instal winrar

thanks that worked 

no problem 

how do i complete the marias dirty laundry quest i have five of them but how do i get the sixth of the racoon

he'll drop it in your room at night after enough time passes.


Will we get the new updates on Android


Can you add a setting so that text is displayed instantaneous w/o a cpm restriction? I cannot explain why but parsing the content when not all of the text is displayed directly is hard to impossible and made me close the game after a few minutes.

Even the early parts look promising and I'd like to explore the story more :)


i purchased this game and downloaded the pc version and im on windows but it loads a internet explorer thing could i get some help

does this game playable in 32 bit pc 


im Stuck. Who do i talk to about the prophecy?

(sry if english is bad) Im on 4.3 and trying to do the first Potioncraft Lesson but everytime i complete stage 3 it wont continue ist just lets me keep playing with the timer stopped  

I experienced something similar.  On the 3rd playthrough of the potioncraft the entire board froze.  The timer kept going but I couldn't click on or move any of the potion items.

Did you manage to fix it ? have same issue in the first potioncraft lessen timer stops but you can keep playing and some orb are lagging

I haven't really played since then.  My presumption is that given there haven't been updates, it probably is not resolved.

Deleted 57 days ago
Deleted 57 days ago

Where can I find the background music in the game?To tell you the truth, the beautiful picture is coupled with the moving background music, and it is simply a decal on the brocade

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