Wanderer Game - New Build Version 0.3.5!

Hello, friends!

We’ve been working hard on the update the past three months, and now we can proudly present the next update - 0.3.5. It contains a lot of new quests, systems and even a new location.

We’ve added a lot of content, and will add even more!

The 0.3.5 content update adds the following into the game:


We’ve added four new quests, almost doubling the amount of in-game text, and a lot of systems around them.

Most of the new quests are focused on our main characters, and will be available when you complete the basic quests and\or specific requirements for them.

There’s also new tools to help you navigate through quests smoothly:


Journal can help you keep track of quests you’ve completed, provides updating commentary from MC, very much needed quest tips from Be’elman, and comprehensive info on the main characters.


Textbook is mostly a tool to show the current schedule and track your progress through classes, but it will be updated in the future, with a skill system and an ability to set up your deck of special moves.


Codex is a meta-progression tracking tool. Right now, it only has a gallery, where you can access completed sex scenes. In the future, it will have a guide on more complex systems like combat and dating-sim, achievement collections and cheatcodes, that will help you have the time of your life in this cruel world!

Last but not least, the potioncrafting class is finaly playable! You can access it via the auditorium, at the time marked in the schedule.

We’re very grateful of your support - we couldn’t have finished this massive update without your supportive comments in Discord. We also couldn’t have made this without the help of our testers, who valiantly helped to break and rebuild the game, to get rid of any inconsistencies and visual bugs!

Patreon <-The last build here

Itch.io <-The last build here



Our work on the next update, introducing even more quests and ways to interact with the world, has already started, and we keep upgrading our tools to make our work faster and more enjoyable.

We love this game, and we hope you have a great time with this update!

Cheers, Top House team

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Is Wanderer not getting an android version after 0.3.0?

So is the Android version no longer getting updates?

Progress looking good!

keep getting 3.5 isnt a valid rar file


Im confused after i talk to my roomate the raccoon the game ends?

but theres pics on here thath show i missed something?

The game is not linear, if all the quests are completed, then you will receive a notification. But even so, it will not mean that you have opened all the content