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Bugs in the latest PC Build 0.4.3

  • The inventory doesn't always remove objects from completed quests
  • Page 2 inventory items register the same names as the order of the page 1 inventory, making them unusable.  Specifically, in my case, I still have the towel from an earlier quest in slot 1 on page 1.  However, I have the gem for the secret potion quest in slot 1 on page 2.  When I hover over the gem, it pops-up the help text for the towel and does not allow me to use the gem.
  • I got access to the librarian on the ladder image, but it was never displayed in the game itself.  I never SAW that image as part of the game, it just showed up in my unlocked scenes.

I am using a save game from version 3.0, but I can't see that making a difference.


I have a question. This is a good game, but if I have to pay $10+ for the newest updates then it's not worth it. So, does paying $10 for 4.3 allow me to get the new updates for free?

Yes, you get access to newest version as long as they're priced at 10$ or lower)

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i dont know how to get any of the scene im so confused with this and why are 3.5 to 4.3 not working

Can't even get past the first scene for Android

For me too, the game crashes when starting a new game. (On Android)


screen #8 is lookin' an awful lot like ntr , hmmmm yikes, might have to pass up an otherwise great looking game.


only thing that's keeping me from downloading it fr


Screen #8 is a concentual scene, No NTR at all


NTR doesn't mean non-con

Sad that only the free version has an Android compatible port, would have bought it, but I have no reason to if there's no version I can play 🫤

cant give vanessa the activated mirror, she just keeps giving me new ones?


can you attend classes in 0.3.0 ?

I don't think you can even get the tutor in 3.0, the quest seems broken or incomplete, so no classes.

anyone having problems with Wanderer-0.4.3-PC.rar Download file ? 

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Do I have to buy the game every time? I bought 0.4.0 a month ago for 10 USD and i can't download the current 10 dollar version


Top of the page and in the top right will be an arrow facing downwards. click it then go to your library it will always be the newest update. 


thanks a lot, i tried it before but I didn't realize it just doesn't work on the desktop app


Why you dont make it for Android anymore???

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The game is really nice so far, but the game seems to use just one save slot? Is it a bug or is it suposed to do that? It's annoying when the autosave overwrites my save that i ment to load back to.

EDIT: The problem somehow seems to have fixed it self when i tried to delete my save.


this game is nice but it not free im still waiting the free version


almost 1 years without a free version....u re the best man gg and keep the shitty politics up......


We updated the free version 0.3.0 a week ago. Previously, version 0.2.0 was free


i buyed the 0.3 version 237 days ago....this means another year before 0.4....

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No, we plan to release the next build in about a month, and after this release, version 0.3.5 will be free.

Yo, sup, I would like some help finding the last piece of clothing. I'm probably blind as hell but any help would be appreciated.

you have to use the map i think and then go to ???'s corner.


I have the one from ???'s corner, the one from MC's room, the one from the classrorm, the one from the yard and the one from the dining hall. where is the last one ?


From what I remember there are stockings that are almost invisible in the infirmary

Got them, thanks !


how comes when i try to pick the weeds it doesnt go into my inventory and just reappears in the bush again when i go back?


I think it might be broken. Same thing is happening to me and the find the final trash can't be found in the Library.

Android version when?

it already in android version

for version 0.4.3 its only for pc mac and linux

huh yea version 0.4.3 just pc mac and linux


Any plans for NTR/Sharing content?

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why do i have to pay an additional 10$ for this, i bought it at 5$ to support you and now it wants me to pay again to get the newest update.

so if i want the new update i would have payed 15$ and new buyers would get it for only 10$, i think thats unfair for supporters that bought early

Deleted 141 days ago

Oh. That's because the dev is a predatory asshole.
Don't support them tbh.


It's been asked and answered numerous times already.  Read up Itch's policy on this stuff guys. If you buy the game on sale at $5. You're still $5 short from the actual full price. I paid $10 for the game and I'm still getting the full release updates without paying extra. You messed up when you bought it at the $5 sale.


that's not how sales are supposed to work so how would I know of that, if I buy a game on steam in early acces, and with the full release the game increased in price, I still get the full game for my early acces price 


i try to do the potion quest but the woman who gave it just fades away after i get the ingredients

Talk to her before potions class

ok thnx

and where do i find her?

At the Auditorium/Class room at 12.00 clock and some times (depending what other quests you have) at the dining hall at mornings or library at afternoon.

thank you


Show mechanics otherwise lower your price cause theres no value for the $10 purchase.


I play this version on Android and I can't get past the first scene , anyone else have the same issue?

Yes me too i wonder when they'll address it



still can't download 0.3.5 or 0.4.0 for Mac what's going on please fix it



Android version when?


I donate 5$ by 2 times, can I download  version 0.4.0?

Can someone help me I try downloading it but it downloads as a pdf file please help it looks like an awesome game.


get winrar or 7zip, cant download it without one of those programs

will the .4 build be knocked down to $3 at one point?


With each new addition, old builds will become cheaper


So I've not downloaded it yet but I'm assuming the demo is rather lackluster?

Based on comments I'm seeing here there are a rather large number of issues this game has and few responses.

So I will go off the cuff based on current knowledge and comments.

It's not very typical for devs to leave a platform this far behind the current build version, this needs to be addressed if you wish to keep a revenue stream.

Generally it is frowned upon to have people pay for each update as you also have various other streams of income to compensate for this and quality brings customers, not greed.

With that said, the game looks beautiful on the packaging, but I doubt I'll even try the demo if the comments about it are to be believed, and a fair number of them all say the same things, riddled with bugs, very little content to judge the game by, and a lack of updates to an entire platform of the game.

In conclusion: Not Worth My Time.

Sorry this is afew days later, but yes. Basically the demo has nothing barring the visual novel part, with one choice are the end if I'm remembering rightly.


no issues in terms of time my fine compatriot, and thank you for answering this unspoken question for the game

I'll be sure to note this and flag as a possible thumbs down for unpopular practices.

Yeah, when it comes to developers, I don't say this sort of thing lightly, but these guys are really awful.

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hello Creator please fix the 0.3.5 and 0.4.0 for Mac so we can download and  play your wonderful game please 

You need to

launch Terminal, then type or copy/paste

chmod +x [including a space after the x]

then drag the app you need to change the perms straight onto the Terminal window, which will fill in the correct path

hit Backspace once, as the last task will add an unnecessary space

Then you need to add the sub-path to the actual executable inside the app, so copy this & paste it onto the end of your current Terminal line /Contents/MacOS/*

Hit Enter

thanks for that but what i trying to say he need to fix the and to fix it to and 0.4.0-Maczip

i dont get it why, i play on mac and i can download that with no problem 

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then i download it and try to open it  opens the app store for me not the zip

that's because u have ti install something like winrar o 7zip to unzip the .rar

Little sad, i played version 0.3.5 full of bugs... version 0.4.0 still full of bugs still can't complete mission with plant and moonstone because i can't click on redhair teacher :/  after click she dissapear. I obtain every item but thanks this bug its impossible to play.

Hello everyone I play the game on mac and I would like to know how to save my game because I do not have the parameter logo at the top left thank you for your answer

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you can save your save file on Mac by pressing the esc button in the game  what how it works for me 

what Mac do you have and what version of game do you launch on Mac ?

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the Mac i have is Macbook air new one and the version i have is 0.3.o-Mac and 0.3.5 and 0.4.0 is not working for me 

I'm on 0-2-0 pc version and when I try to play the game, from the moment after the MC falls into the new world, it keeps all characters as a white silhouettes and all scenes are blank white screens with only the actions visible. 

In version 0.3 this work correctly 

I can’t open version 3.5 and 4.0 on my Mac ( processor m1) . I have communicate this application can’t be open . I try open this as trusted app but this wasn’t helped. 

the softwere rn doesn't support mac with m1 pocessor 

game doesnt seem to load for me on ubuntu 22.04

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i love your game just bought your game for $10 and there is a  problem i can't download or are not working and should they be like and like the others?

use the actual site the app doesnt work for some reason

what do you mean use the actual site?

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Where is only one website that i know of  what do you mean by use the actual website?

When will the 0.4.0 android release

$10 for an update to a game I've already purchased....

nice 👍

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